Lees mee met de beeldmaker Henk Meijer, de wereld rond.

Around the world with Henk

Based in Groningen, the Netherlands, Henk Meijer flies around the world, capturing the most beautiful places on his camera. His preferred subjects are architecture and landscapes, ideally during golden hour.

About Henk

He's been taking photos since the 1980s. "I think I maybe caught the bug off my dad because he was into photography too," starts Henk. "I even made a darkroom in the attic. From the mid-1990s, I started focussing exclusively on sports photography, particularly motorsports. But since then, I've actually been shifting my attention to landscapes and architecture." Henk now does a lot of uncommissioned work, but he also works on commission and offers courses, as well as organising photography trips to places like Tuscany, Italy.

Around the world Henk style

Taking a good photo all starts with good planning. And when it comes to a big trip, that means a lot of extra planning for Henk. "Sometimes I'll start planning a year in advance," he says. "Because first I really want to know what can and can't be done. And if something can be done, it's really important we know how we're going to put that into action. So, exactly where I want to stand and what time I want to be there. And that means I need to think about the distance between the location and where I'll be staying, and I'll also need to think about the route. In short; everything has to be planned out." It's clear that Henk is very critical of his work. And that's precisely what makes him so good. "I'm actually not easily satisfied with the end result. But when I eventually believe in my own photo, that's the point when I'm satisfied and I'll place the piece up for sale on Art Heroes."

His trips, for example the one to America, tend to be done Henk style; so, we're talking a Jeep and a trailer with a tent on top. "Because there are no hotels in the middle of nowhere. And it's a bit more adventurous."

The Needle, Utah

Henk's favourite work is The Needle, Utah. The photo gets its name from a really long, thin rock formation. "I once came across a photo of this, but unfortunately it didn't say where exactly it was. I couldn't get the photo out of my head, so obviously I went looking for it. It took quite a lot of effort on my part. To get there, I had to walk a really long way and climb an awful hill. But everything came together perfectly that evening. Eventually, this panorama ended up the best piece from the whole trip!"

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