Fountain In Central Square Panicale Umbria

by Dorothy Berry-Lound

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Dorothy Berry-Lound about Fountain In Central Square Panicale Umbria

As you enter the Porta Perugia (Perugia Gate) into the main square, Piazza Grande, of Panicale in Umbria, you can't miss the fountain that sits in the middle of the square.

Built in 1473 of Travertine marble, this fountain was the ancient well and was relatively recently restored. The fountain is set up on marble steps and has a large base area but this image focuses on the top column and basin with water spray.

Here , the well is contrasted against the stone and brick ancient walls of the buildings that face onto the piazza. The archway beyond has the street sign Via Cesare Corporali and that roads leads to the local theater.

This scene shows early morning in winter and window shutters are still closed, with the whole town having a distinctly sleepy feeling. This is in marked contrast to Summer and during festival season when the piazza is packed with tourists and locals having fun.
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This artworks is offered by Dorothy Berry-Lound

Born in the South of England I now live half way up a mountain in Umbria, Italy. I work from my art studio looking out over fabulous views of the Italian countryside. An artist and blogger, I specialize in photo art and acrylic painting. I create art to make your heart smile, capturing the spirit of place in towns and villages, or creating art to enhance the energy of your home or workplace.

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Fountain In Central Square Panicale Umbria by Dorothy Berry-Lound

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Art code: 1 050 043
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