Lincoln Zephyr 1950

by Timeview Vintage Images

- Art code: 323 498

Timeview Vintage Images about Lincoln Zephyr 1950

Back to the fifties, the time that cars were still allowed to be just big and you were wearing gloves behind the wheel. A crystal clear shot of a shiny black Lincoln Zephyr, whose passenger door opens to the rear. Handy! Due to the polished lacquer, this photo shows you more than you initially expect: the front door and the wheel cover reflect everything, in this case also the photographer. A high quality image from a time when photography was more of a handcraft. (Collection Timeview: This is my car, Lincoln Zephyr 1950)
You will find Lincoln Zephyr 1950 in the collections 1950-1959, Black and white, Cars, Model, Old-timers, Photography, Reflection, Vintage living style, Wolf, chique, photo and posh.
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Timeview represents and manages an archive of vintage, analog photography. We acquire photo collections including the copyrights from mainly amateur photographers. The collection covers the pre-digital era approximately from 1850 up to the 1980’s. The company owns nearly half a million images.

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Lincoln Zephyr 1950 by Timeview Vintage Images

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Art code: 323 498
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