Piano at staircase

by Inge van den Brande

- Art code: 382 267

Inge van den Brande about Piano at staircase

This old piano is in an abandoned and derelict villa. The beautiful piano stands in a large hall next to an imposing marble staircase. The hall is the only space that still radiates beauty, where the richness of the past is still recognizable. The space beyond the hall has been completely dilapidated, and there is nothing on the top floor that reminds us of how it once was. The roof has collapsed, the walls moldy and the floors broken. The hall with piano is a small miracle in this building. The piano, staircase and the hall, together with the beautiful light a beautiful cozy whole.
You will find Piano at staircase in the collections Abandoned places, Architecture, Blue, Gang (bouw), House, Interieur (terminologie), Musical keyboard, Photography, Piano, Piano#Grand, Staircase, Stairs and Window.
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This artworks is offered by Inge van den Brande

My naam is Inge van den Brande, and photography is my passion. With a broad interest topics, and a good eye for detail and beautiful compositions I photograph the beautiful world around me.My pictures include landscapes, nature, animals, macro, architecture, cities and urbex (abandoned buildings and houses in decay https://www.facebook.com/PlacesofDecay/ ). But also on my trips to for example China, Japan, Norway, New York, America and Hong Kong I shot many beautiful pictures. My specialty in photography is macro photography of water drops and reflections, when you are interested in these pictures, they are for sale on my website: https://www.reflections-by-inge.com

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Piano at staircase by Inge van den Brande

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Art code: 382 267
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