Skogafoss with rainbow and reflection

by Gerry van Roosmalen

- Art code: 244 826

Gerry van Roosmalen about Skogafoss with rainbow and reflection

The Skogafoss in southern Iceland takes on an extra dimension when the sun manages to get a grip on the mist, creating a rainbow. After a rain shower, you get a double Skogafoss due to the water puddles created
You will find Skogafoss with rainbow and reflection in the collections Clouds, Iceland, Mirror image, Photography, Skógafoss, Skógar, Still life, Waterfall, regenboog and zuidkust.
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This artworks is offered by Gerry van Roosmalen

My name is Gerry van Roosmalen, a professional photographer and author. After some travels in the business world, I decided to radically change the helm in 2002 and to fully focus on my passion: photography. Between 2002 and 2004 I visited the fotovakschool in Apeldoorn where I graduated in the courses of portrait and reportage.

In 2006 I decided to study documentary photography. In 2009 my first book was published about a project that I carried out in Greenland: "Why Greenland ..." This book is only available as an i Book.

In 2012 my book "Ode to Iceland" appeared. In this book I combined the images I shot during my various tours in Iceland with texts in which I tried to express my impressions and feelings that I experienced myself when I first faced the spectacular or sometimes just lovely landscapes of Iceland. The english book "Ode to Iceland" can be ordered in the iBook store

In my Webshop I collect the most beautiful images I made during my travels or sometimes just in the studio. If you do not have the right image for your taste, please feel free to contact me. Perhaps my archive with images contains something suitable for your home or business.

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Skogafoss with rainbow and reflection by Gerry van Roosmalen

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Art code: 244 826
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