a Big City Still Life

by Marja van den Hurk

- Art code: 1 071 497

Marja van den Hurk about a Big City Still Life

Collage (digitally produced) of various images.
Together they form a surrealistic landscape, a glimpse into a future where nature takes over the world again.

The blossoms overgrowing the city are details from the painting "Vase with Flowers," painted in 1670 by Dutch painter Jan Davidsz de Heem.

The moon is still slightly visible. I also have for sale for you in my shop (under the same title) a version where a plane flies above the city. I cannot decide which version I like better, I gladly leave that choice to you.

Art with a wink ;-)
You will find a Big City Still Life in the collections Collage, Digital art, Humour, Museum, Old masters, Spring, Still life, Summer, Surrealism, Towns and Urban / Street.
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This artworks is offered by Marja van den Hurk

The stylists at Art Heroes call my works "Art with a Wink". And I couldn't agree more. Life is serious enough, isn't it? ;-)

I mainly make surrealist works and collages because I can so wonderfully unleash my creativity and my boundless imagination on those! But I also enjoy gratefully taking advantage of the fact that museums all over the world make their old master paintings available digitally and then unleash my own creative touch on them.

Everything you see in my shop, I have created digitally myself, on my computer, with image editing programmes such as Photoshop. The "old-fashioned way", because I prefer to leave the generation of art to my own imagination rather than let artificial intelligence create it for me.

You will also find some photos taken by me (my other great hobby). The "disadvantage" of photography is that I am dependent on what appears in front of my lens, as I cannot photograph things that are not there. With my digital paintings, I can go in any direction I want and I really enjoy that.
Hopefully you'll find something that appeals to you in my shop. In any case, know that I made everything with a lot of love, attention and pleasure!

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a Big City Still Life by Marja van den Hurk

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Art code: 1 071 497
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