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Colour trend: marine blue

The marine blue trend colour is characterised by the blue colour palette. We dive into the countless hues of the sea, lakes and rivers. Natural shades that bring the vastness of the world a little closer. Your home becomes an oasis of calm when you throw the colours of the marine trend into the mix. Get inspired by the collection compiled for our stylists. What will you put up?

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Turquoise touch

The colour palette also includes turquoise. A blue-green colour that reminds you of the Atlantic ocean, clear lakes and the vastness of the horizon. A striking colour used as a main or accent colour. The colour is slightly warmer than marine blue, but in combination they reinforce each other.

Combine marine blue at home

This colour trend has a palette of cool tones, but if you combine it well, it actually creates depth and warmth in the living room. For a calm atmosphere, combine it with white and beige. But if you want a modern look, then combine it with black and grey to create a stylish living room. You can also combine the Maritime trend well with ochre yellow and deep green. It creates a more lively and playful atmosphere.

The Art Heroes artists

The Art Heroes artists have been inspired by colour blue a lot in recent years and have created inspiring and beautiful works of art. This is reflected in the extensive collection in which you will find different types of art styles. Whether you prefer photography, paintings or digital art, you will find it all in the extensive collection. Go for an abstract work or minimalism for your wall. There is artwork for every living style.

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