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The multifaceted works by Ans

db Waterman creates unique works. Layered, detailed and very interesting. It does something to our imagination and the many details mean you can keep looking at it for hours. Curious about the creative brain behind db Waterman?

Ans is db Waterman

The name db Waterman makes us suspect that the artworks were created by a man. But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, these amazing works come from Ans de Bie from Eindhoven. Ans is the mother of three children and is now blessed with a grandson. In the past, she successfully completed her education at the art academy in 's Hertogenbosch and today she keeps her knowledge up to date through Workshops. She is a top talent and we are happy about that.

A totally new image

Initially, Ans painted mainly with acrylic or watercolour on canvas. ‘True,’ she begins. ‘But about five years ago, I started a search for a completely new way of working.’ The reason is that she had to tighten her belt for a while, and because of budgetary reasons, she ended up with something quite original. ‘I started looking for all kinds of scraps of paper, magazines, newspapers, images and other materials that were still usable. Then I remembered that as a little girl I was also cutting pictures out of magazines. This I then pasted in my books or on the door of my room.’ In this way, a totally new sculpture was created that is actually made from waste and leftovers that would otherwise be thrown away.

Bit by bit, at home

Weathered walls with peeling paint, advertising columns with old posters, promotion flyers walls full of posters pasted on top of each other and battered by weather, Ans loves it all. ‘Awesome! And this seemed like a distinct opportunity to recreate it and release it as art. So that's what I did, but at home, bit by bit, using magazines, newspapers and acrylic paint.’ But she does not sit still and likes to develop further. So now more materials have been added such as pencil, ballpoint pen, pastel crayon, stamping, paint and more.

Very first and best-loved painting technique

‘I liked and still like this new way of working.’ Still, Ans missed her very first and most loved painting technique; namely watercolour painting. ‘Watercolour has a recognisable transparency, and I managed to mimic this!’ Ans found a way to superimpose layers of paper that are transparent.

Enjoying her own studio

A full-time artist, she enjoys working in her own studio every day. ‘Preferably so, and then wonderfully with music on. Actually, every person should have a space like this, no matter what they do!’ Sometimes she finishes an artwork quickly and sometimes it takes her longer. ‘That varies per work. With some I finish in three days, and with others I take at least two months, like the ‘Fireflies’ artwork. This depends on the materials and techniques I use.’

Stylist Lianne on db Waterman's works: ‘Her methods are truly insane, these are timeless classics made now!’

Curious for more? Click here to go to the db Waterman shop.

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