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Treechild. Self-taught with curiosity and sensitivity.

Nina uses Treechild as her artist's name. She came into contact with art at a young age because she used to go to art exhibitions with her dad. In this interview, she tells us more about her personal journey into the world of art and offers us insight into her daily work.

Nina's journey into the world of art

Nina explains: "I think that being involved with art from a young age really expands your horizons. I spent hours looking over my dad's shoulder. I saw how he held the brush and which colours matched. I still love the smell of acrylic paint. My dad taught me how to stretch canvases. I can still hear the sound of the staple gun ringing in my ear, or the sound it makes when you hammer the shim into the frame."

It was also her dad who regularly took Nina to museums. "During school trips, I could pretty much guide my class through the building!" she says. While she was at school, Nina also started drawing. Many years later, when she became a mother for the first time, she bought a camera with her husband. From then on, she took thousands of photos. But after a while, Nina returned to drawing again, only this time digitally. That was in 2008 and the beginning of Treechild. Nina: "I bought a professional printer and sold my illustrations."

Nina's inspirations

Nina loves colours and flowers, and she enjoys trying out new things. "It would bore me to keep making the same art over and over again. That's why I use a range of materials, such as my pen and tablet, the camera or AI." As well as art, Nina also thinks that creative breaks are really important. "I’ll go and do yoga or I'll dance," she says. Now that her kids are grown up, it's easier for the image creator to find time for her work. "Once the kids have left the house in the morning, I always start calmly and decide which medium I'm going to do something with."

Nina's favourite piece

Nina has over 600 images, but "Frida" is still a constant companion and is now pretty much the calling card for Treechild. "Frida" is a clear favourite amongst customers, although she was initially hesitant to make it public at all. Other favourites are "Amazone" and "The fallen King". Both were part of a one-line series by Treechild.

Treechild also looks to other artists on Art Heroes. "... There are some great artists on display. But someone who always stands out to me is Ankie Kooi. The simplicity of the pictures and the talent to be able to create a beautiful image with just a few lines fascinates me tremendously!"

Look forward to see more? Click here to go to Nina's shop.

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