5 unique Valentine's Day home decor ideas

Provide an original gift or home decor for your dearest Valentine and choose art! Romantic and warm artworks create a special, loving atmosphere in your house. This way you can surprise your loved one with a truly original gift. Therefore, our stylists have gathered 5 unique tips for the most romantic Valentine's Day home decor.

1. Bring Romantic Landscapes into your Home

Does your Valentine love to travel and go on adventures? Then bring the beautiful landscapes into your home, and create a romantic view from your own bed. Check out classic landscape paintings by Van Gogh or choose landscape photography of snowy Swiss mountains or beautiful purple lavender fields. Ideal to give your bedroom an extra touch of romance.

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2. Minimalistic Wall Decor for a Romantic Aesthetic

Minimalistic abstract art can create a sense of imagination and wonder, which is perfect for the romantic atmosphere. Look for abstract artworks that express the colours and emotions you want to represent in your relationship or family.

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3. Sensual Artworks Full of Love

Buying sensual artworks for Valentine's Day is a romantic way to express the love and passion between you and your loved one. Whether you choose sensual abstract lines or fine-art photography. These artworks are an intimate addition to the bedroom wall.

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4. Warm Colours as a Symbol of Intimacy and Cosiness

Warm colours such as red, orange and yellow give a sense of warm cosiness and romance. Perfect as an original gift or decoration during Valentine's Day. Be inspired by different paintings and fine-art photography with these warm colours in the bedroom or living room.

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5. Classic Old Master Paintings with Romantic Symbolism

Classic Old Master paintings with romantic symbolism are a beautiful and unique addition to the bedroom wall for Valentine's Day. These paintings are filled with symbols of love, such as colourful roses and white doves. Old Masters such as Vermeer and Rubens painted many love scenes. They are characterized by beautiful clothing and a sense of refinement. Be inspired by high-quality reproductions, with razor-sharp details of all original brushstrokes.

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