Wall art tips with the colour trend: Viva Magenta

This year's Pantone colour of the year is Viva Magenta. A deep and nuanced red tone that presents a perfect balance between warmth and coolness. It is a colour that exudes energy and creates a vibrant atmosphere. Viva Magenta is a colour that lends itself to real statement walls. Or as an accent colour, this gives a deep and colourful boost to your interior. Get inspired by this handsome colour.

The colour of strength and expression

A colour that exudes strength and empowerment. It is a saturated shade of red, leaning more towards deep fuchsia. It is an expressive colour that makes a real statement. This bold colour is perfect to experiment with in different corners, living styles or as a real eye-catcher in the living room.

Combining Viva Magenta in a retro interior

This deep colour can be perfectly combined with cognac brown and other warm colours found in a retro interior. Viva Magenta's balance of warmth and coolness creates a harmonious whole, and an authentic look in a vintage living style. This is how you mix a saturated modern colour with old retro accents.

Viva Magenta colour in an art deco interior

The Pantone colour of 2023 is also perfect for an art deco interior. Here it's all about decoration, elegance and deep colours. Viva Magenta is also a very deep and expressive colour. It therefore combines well with art deco statement colours such as peacock blue, ochre yellow and dark green. In addition, it also looks very luxurious next to gold or silver accents.

Viva Magenta colour in a modern interior

Viva Magenta is also perfect for a modern interior. When discussing the modern living style, we think of clean details, black-and-white combinations, and neutral colours. Such an interior fits perfectly with a statement colour like this deep saturated Viva Magenta colour. This way, you give it a unique twist, with a luxurious touch.

The luxury of Viva Magenta in a hotel chic living style

A deep red fuchsia exudes luxury. It also blends well with a hotel chic or luxury designer living style. Viva Magenta looks perfect with organic designer furniture and neatly finished accents. This rich colour also pairs perfectly with hotel chic colours such as gold, black and white.

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