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3 creative tips for more colour in your house

Bring a friendly atmosphere in the room with a colourful touch in your interior. Unfortunately, this can be harder than you think. Too much colour will quickly look messy and chaotic, and too little colour can seem cold and impersonal. Therefore, make a playful ambience with the right and fitting wall decor. This can be implemented in every interior style, think retro with art deco artworks on the wall. Or Scandinavian style with a small colourful modern painting. Our stylists are going to share with you, 3 important tips to help you choose the correct colourful artwork to hang. This way you’ll never miss the mark again.

Tip 1: Make a mood board with your favourite colours

It is essential to seem original, that way you keep your interior style close to yourself. Therefore, it's beneficial to first sit down and make a colourful mood board of the colours you like, and make you happy. Afterwards, you can see which of those colours fit together. Then, think about what kind of ambiance this colour combination would give. Contrasting colours can really fit together, that way you get an eclectic style. Would you prefer colours that give a sense of unity together? Then go for either warm or cold colours to combine. With this combination of colours, you can then look more specifically for the right wall art. We have also divided our collection of wall art decor in different colours.

Tip 2: Prefer neutral tones in your home?

Make a statement with colour Would you prefer to be subtle? Then choose for a few small colourful to divide within the room. That way you keep a playful touch in your interior, but keep the neutral tone. Or go for a statement, and go for a big colourful artwork. This stays modern, sleek, and of course happy!

Tip 3: Flowers and plants as an ambience setter

Are you not sure what kind of colourful painting or photo you want? Then check out our flower & plant collection. Always colourful, and always good. Flowers and plants never become old, and will remain to be popular within the interior world. That way, you stay trendy and don't become messy with your wall.
  1. Happy giraffes
    by Vrolijk Schilderij

  1. Autumn Feelings
    by Maria Kitano

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