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Gallery wall art tips from Danny

Blogger and Instagrammer Danny from the Instagram account bij_danny is going to talk to us today about her gallery wall, and give some tips. “There is already an opinion blog written on this subject, but the most important thing about wall art is that it’s personal. I was really wrong about that in the beginning, but one learns by doing, and that was the case with my art wall.” Are you interested in how her wall came about and the collage tips Danny has to share? Then keep reading!

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Inspiration source

"I had already seen many beautiful art-filled walls pass by. Many diverse and beautiful mixes of photos, posters, paintings, you name it! My favourite gallery wall, which inspired me to make one myself, is the one of Andrea de Groot. "I already had my eye on a wall in my house, which was the wall under our stairs. It sits behind the dinner table and would immediately become a very cool eye-catcher."

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Out of my comfort zone

"When I originally decided that I would make a beautiful wall art collage in my room, I only had two shelves, and two candle sticks. If I look back to that moment, I realize that it was beautiful, but also far too safe and calm. Stimulated by all the beautiful walls I saw on Instagram and Pinterest, I wanted to take a trip and this time completely out of my comfort zone. I wanted to make a wall with a wow factor! If I didn't like it in the end, it was a matter of closing holes, I'm that easy again."

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  1. artistic white wall in dining room with an art wall collage
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Gallery wall tip 1: “Do you find it scary to get to work this way? Then make a frame from out of carton, and hang it on the wall. In the way that you can still move things around before anything goes on the wall.”

  1. Dining table with art wall collage behind it

Through feeling

"My search started, and I really wanted to go by my gut feeling. I realized quickly that my eyes were always drawn to women, mostly if they were drawn or painted, not photographed. Along with that, graceful shapes, flowers, and texts, always grabbed my attention. At first, I wanted to work with colour, I thought that our house could have used it, but I was entirely wrong. It’s good to keep in mind that nothing that I originally hung up remains on my wall. Therefore, think deeply about what you want."

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  1. Art wall collage in dining room
  1. Art wall in dining room

Personal holiday memories

"Do you, for example, want a wall with only photographs with places you travelled to on holiday, or photos representing nice memories that you have? Then you can think about how else you want to fill your wall. You can choose to hang special souvenirs as an example. A nice straw hat or a vintage map divides the wall with frames, and therefore makes it more exciting."

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Black and white for peace

"Do you have a busy or very basic interior? A wall with only black and white prints can always fit. Therewith you create the right amount of calmness and unity to play around with different frames, materials, and formats."

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A Colourful collection

"With a colourful interior, a colourful collection fits perfectly on the wall. Pick, for example, different wall art, or add shelves where you can put other candleholders, vases with flowers, and other accessories. With such a colourful collection, it can't be crazy enough, and you automatically notice when something doesn't fit well. Such a collection may not hang well all at once, but the wall will fill up over time."

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Danny’s gallery wall

"This is currently my gallery wall, which I am very satisfied with! The different artworks aren’t the only things that make the wall gorgeous, but also the vase and candleholders. There is balance among my, personal photos, artworks of the people that I know via Instagram, and also the beautiful Italian mirror which sits against the wall. I am also working on a beautiful children's drawing, made by a 4-year-old girl, she had drawn me and my brother. A hilarious drawing, but as far as I'm concerned really art. This one is currently hanging somewhere else in my house, but will very likely return to my art wall."

Take a look inside Danny

Gallery wall tip 2: "Keep all loose posters, passé par touts, and artworks that are not hung up on your wall. That way, you can always switch an artwork out for another if you want to change your wall. The amount that I have hanging downstairs I also have hanging up plus extra."

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