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5 tips for the beach look in your interior

Do you love the light air, the hot sand under your bare feet, the most inspiring sunsets on the sea? Then is beach interior is definitely recommended. This fresh and soft style creates a calming atmosphere in your home. Our stylists are gladly willing to help you with this, they are going to share some important times for a unique beach look for your wall.

Key aspects of beach interior

Interested in what exactly a beach look is? Our stylists have assembled the most important and key aspects of. With a beach look, the colours you should focus on are white, beige, earthy tints, green and blue. Think on colours of the sea, the sand, sunsets, and wild sand-dunes. This style is also characterized by the use of natural materials. Such as wood, jute, rattan, cork, or read. Afterwards, it is important to lets lots of natural daylight enter the space, you want to have the feeling that you're outside breathing in fresh air, in your home. What you often see in beach style interior is carpets. You usually walk barefoot on the beach, therefore is it important to have enough soft carpets, to give your house that freeing feeling again.

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5 tips for the beach look in your interior

Fitting wall decor can either make or break your interior. Therefore, it is also important to use the correct styling methods on your wall. We have assembled a few tips to help you:

  1. Make a gallery wall inspired off of the beach lifestyle. Don not simply hang an entire wall full of photos of sandy beach and naval battles. Combine these in a gallery wall with modern abstract paintings with earthy tints, or a painting with warm terracotta colours. However, filling a wall with photo art of beautiful beaches can lead to it feeling chaotic. Where a combination of subtle abstract paintings with the same colours can bring the balance back.
  2. Do you not want to have literal beach photos on your wall, but instead a more subtle beach feeling? Then let yourself get inspired through the Boho lifestyle, or our Warm Glow collection. Both these wall decorations get you the same beach asthetic in your house thanks to the colours on the wall.
  3. As said before, by the key aspects of beach interior, colour is important. The best colour palettes for beach interiors should include; white, beige, earthy tints, green and blue. Not bright blue or neon green, but the more soft pastel greens and blues. That is how you keep your interior light, airy, and fresh.
  4. Not a fan of different artworks on your wall? Then keep it at one artwork, and choose photo art of calming sand-dunes, or a modern painting with the colours of the sand-dunes. That is how you get the beach feel from a single artwork
  5. Artworks are the only available wall decorations, think about hanging tropical indoor plants. They give the summer and exotic touch to your interior. Put them in beautiful terracotta pots. All to enjoy the nature at home.

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