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About Roy

This week, we look inside a former shopfront in Amsterdam at the home of Roy and his husband, Elmer. They fell in love with this house precisely because it needed a lot of work. In daily life, Roy is an interior stylist, and regularly works on metamorphoses for the TV programme 'Eigen Huis en Tuin: Lekker Leven'.

About Roy

LIVING in Amsterdam TOGETHER with Elmer, INSTAGRAM @roy83. The artwork ON THE WALL Forest Walk by Maria Kitano on Art Frame

  1. Eclectic backyard

A great luxury

A big wish for Roy and Elmer was a house that really needed a lot of work. Roy: "We could then really mould the house to our liking, and we could go all out with the new layout." Roy and Elmer really did remodel everything about the house. For instance, they chose to sleep at the front of the house and to move the living area to the back so that it adjoins the garden "The fact that we already have a garden is, of course, a great luxury in Amsterdam!" Because of their large windows, they have been able to create a lovely and light-filled downstairs floor.

  1. Eclectic kitchen
  1. Industrial and eclectic living room
  1. Eclectic livingroom
  1. Colourful hallway

Mix is of different styles

When we ask Roy what his living style is, he says it is a mix of different styles: "I think eclectic is a good name for this. My favourite saying is also:'never choose something because it fits so well with everything else, but choose it because it makes your heart beat faster!'" In Roy's house, you will find many industrial elements, for example, the concrete floor, a piece of leftover rear façade but also elements of steel pass by. "I further complemented the interior with various vintage items like the dining chairs, a trolley and a lot of decoration, for example." What adds a bit of personality is that many of the vintage items come from family. To finish it off, the couple added loads of plants and almost none of the walls are white anymore. "Because there are so many styles mixed in, Elmer can actually always appreciate it too, and we fortunately don't have to make any concessions," says Elmer.

  1. Eclectic bedroom
  1. Backyard dining table
  1. Eclectic table
  1. Eclectic living room aesthetic

A little peace and quiet

"At times I need more is a bit of peace and quiet in my motley interior. The sculpture immediately appealed to me because of the use of colour. The work creates a nice balance." Roy chose the material Art Frame. "My interior is always in motion, so being able to change canvas is ideal!"

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Forest Walk (seen near vtwonen)
by Maria Kitano

  • Art Frame,
  • 105 x 130 cm,
  • Black,
  • Without sound absorbing panels,
  • Art print including frame
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