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The authentic farmhouse with a personal touch of Reina

Today we take a look inside Reina's home. She lives with her husband Roel, daughters Isa and Noor and two cats Otje and Juul on a farm in Sittard-Geleen. Reina works as a senior communication advisor at Maastricht UMC+. In her daily life, she enjoys hiking, gardening, reading and getting together with family and friends. Besides these hobbies, Reina also has a great passion for interior design.

About Reina

LIVES in Sittard-Geleen WITH husband Roel, daughters Isa and Noor and cats Otje and Juul INSTAGRAM @reinacobussen ON THE WALL The Gifted Girl by db Waterman

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A house to feel at home in

Reina's passion for interior design starts with finding new inspiration for her home. She gets new ideas through home magazines, living programmes, Pinterest and other people's interiors. Reina says: ‘The ideas to adapt or change something often come from me, but then at first Roel is not always enthusiastic or doesn't think it is necessary. When he thinks about it for a while, he usually goes along with it. He often manages the realisation, working with my father and father-in-law.’ Reina's interior is a mix of basic and modern with vintage elements. You will also find many souvenirs, items with special stories, photos and plants in her home to give each room a personal touch. Reina tells us: ‘This really makes our house feel like home.’

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From inspiration to reality

Reina and her family live in an attractive farmhouse dating from the 1840s/1850s. When Reina and Roel bought the house in 2008, it needed a lot of renovation. Especially in the added part between the original house and the barn, they broke through many walls to create an extra bedroom, a larger toilet, a laundry room, a bathroom and a kitchen. They adapted the house itself to their own taste, but left as much as possible intact. ‘We fell for the atmosphere inside, arched ceilings, beautiful (though a bit too low) doors, a large barn, a courtyard and a large garden,’ says Reina.

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The gifted girl

For Reina, there were a number of paintings that were promising to hang on the wall. Thanks to the Art Heroes app, Reina was able to test which painting best suited her living room interior. In the end, the couple chose 'The gifted girl' by db Waterman. The expressionistic artwork is composed of a drawing of a girl's face with layers of other acrylic paintings over it. ‘This painting suited our interior best in terms of colour and size,’ says Reina. Reina and Roel decided to print db Waterman's artwork on canvas. "We wanted to keep the look of a 'real' painting as much as possible, " says Reina.

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by db Waterman

  • Canvas,
  • 75 x 75 cm,
  • 2 cm thick,
  • Natural wrap
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