3 tips for unique quotes in your interior

‘Live, Laugh, Love,’ of ‘Home Sweet Home,’ you know them well, the popular house quotes. However, they can be a little cliché? We can help with the finding of original and really inspiring quotes. Fun typography posters can brighten up your interior and immediately put a smile on your face upon entering. Nice and cosy indoors, or just beautiful in the garden. You can put motivational quotes everywhere, and they are therefore very versatile. However, that can also go very wrong with texts that don’t fit. We are going to share 3 important tips for original quotes in your interior.

Tip 1: Keep it sleek and stylish

Whether the quote fits has a lot to do with the design around it. Think of colour, form, font, and the surrounding frame. We advise to always create unity in the font type and size. Same with the colours you choose, they must fit together well. That way you avoid a chaotic wall, and helps your text stand out more.

Tip 2: Make a gallery wall with quotes

Make a gallery wall with different and fitting quotes on the wall. Combine these with calming paintings, or beautiful photo art. That way you have a fun and artistic collage, full of inspiration. The contrast between the artworks and beautiful text will create balance in your interior.

Tip 3: Avoid clichés

For this type of wall art, the best thing to do is not pick the popular and well-known phrases. Think deeply about what fits with you. A quote that you actually support makes it far more original, than a popular quote with no emotional connection to you. Therefore, take the time to look for the right quote that touches you. That’s how you keep it fun, even after months.

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  1. Trust yourself... | Inspirational text by Ratna Bosch

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  2. Abstract Wall Art by shichiro ken

    111,- Canvas, 50x70 cm Choose your own size S M L XL

  3. Still life with colorful flowers in a blue vase by Hennie van der Doelen

    122,- Canvas, 75x50 cm Choose your own size S M L XL

  4. Creation by Janneke van der Zee

    125,- Canvas, 60x60 cm Choose your own size S M L XL

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