Nijmegen, the old city

by Lex Schulte

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Lex Schulte about Nijmegen, the old city

A nice view of the old city with the tower of St Stevenskerk in the background. This piece of old town has been preserved and is one of the last pieces. A large part of the lower city was destroyed in the second world war during the "mistake" bombing.
Nijmegen is a city and municipality in the Dutch province of Gelderland, close to the border with Germany. The municipality has 174,575 inhabitants (30 April 2017) and is the largest in the province and eastern Netherlands and the tenth of the Netherlands in terms of population.
The city lies largely on the south bank of the Waal, at the foot of a moraine. Part of the municipality is on the other side of the river. This concerns the so-called Waalsprong, an annexed area in which the village of Lent and a part of Oosterhout are located. Together with Arnhem, Wijchen and 17 other municipalities in the area, Nijmegen forms the Arnhem Nijmegen City Region (SRAN, formerly KAN) and is affiliated to the Euregio Rhine-Waal partnership.
Nijmegen has a long history that goes back more than 2000 years. As Ulpia Noviomagus Batavorum it received market rights around the year 100. In 1230 Nijmegen became a free state city and in 1402 a hanseatic city. After Nijmegen once housed an Illustrious Academy between 1655 and 1679, the city has been a university town since the arrival of the Catholic University (the current Radboud University) in 1923.
You will find Nijmegen, the old city in the collections Architecture, Benedenstad (Nijmegen), Church, Gelderland, Nijmegen, Photography, River and Urban landscapes.
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I am a teacher with a hobby who likes to share what he has made.

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Nijmegen, the old city by Lex Schulte

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Art code: 347 198
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