Mirror, mirror

by Lex Schulte

- Art code: 358 170

Lex Schulte about Mirror, mirror

Mirror, mirror. Mist always has something mystical about a landscape. This photo was made in the Hatertse fens on a misty morning. The sun was just up, but the fog was not yet gone. Because it was almost windless, the water in the lake reflects the landscape on the other side. The mist provides a clear and diffused light. In the Overasseltse and Hatertse Vennen each season has its own color and smell. In autumn, the red glow of plants and foliage dominates. In the summer, the plumes of wool grass and peat flock blow in the wind. Pine smell stimulates the nose. In the winter the landscape gives its expanse price. But the rolling river dunes, dark fens and heath are beautiful every season. For people from Nijmegen this is the closest nature area that you would like to use.
You will find Mirror, mirror in the collections Fog, Forest, Gelderland, Hatertse en Overasseltse Vennen, Landscape photography, Landscapes, Minimalism, Mirror image, Nature reserves, Nijmegen, Photography and Water.
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I am a teacher with a hobby who likes to share what he has made.

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Mirror, mirror by Lex Schulte

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Art code: 358 170
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