Morning glory

by Lex Schulte

- Art code: 336 042

Lex Schulte about Morning glory

Just before sunrise on a cold December morning on the Maas. Got up early to be able to experience the sunrise at the Genneperhuis. The sun colored the horizon and the geese awoke. Silently enjoyed a beautiful but cold sunrise.
The Genneper House was a fortress and fortified fortress at the mouth of the Niers in the Meuse near the town of Gennep near Milsbeek. Until 2009 there was hardly any ruin, only the crown works and elevations in the landscape give an impression of the size. The area has the status of a protected monument.
In 2009 a start was made with a partial reconstruction around the castle ruin and crowns and canals are made visible again. In addition, test slots were dug at the Bloemenstraat to provide insight into archaeological details. Work was completed in 2010 and the area is now accessible as a tourist attraction. Five walkways were laid on the foundations and a bridge was placed over the Niers.
You will find Morning glory in the collections Gennep, Genneperhuis, Maas River, Milsbeek, Photography, River, Silhouette, Sunrise, Trees and Waterway.
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This artworks is offered by Lex Schulte

I am a teacher with a hobby who likes to share what he has made.

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Morning glory by Lex Schulte

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Art code: 336 042
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